Donuts or Doughnuts – No Matter How You Spell It, Donuts Taste Good!

Even though it is March 23, we’ve still got about a foot of snow on the ground and I’m not sure it got much above 30 degrees today. Pretty as it is, that snow needs to go!


I decided that to help ease the pain, I’d make some delicious glazed donuts for breakfast — baked so I don’t have to feel as guilty! I came across this scrumptious sounding recipe from and was glad that I did. I followed the recipe exactly (though didn’t include the sweetheart candies since they weren’t for Valentine’s Day). Just check out wonkeywonderful’s site for the full recipe! The donuts were quite good and the recipe very easy to follow. My husband liked them a lot but I must admit that I found them to be a little bit dense for a morning treat. I’ll definitely be making them again though I’ll work on making them less dense next time. But they were super easy to make, especially since they were baked and I could just use my donut baking pan. And look how pretty they come out!


One tip to keep in mind when filling the donut pan is to put the dough in a zip lock baggie, snip one corner off and use it like a pastry bag. Makes it super easy!





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