Okay, I’ll admit it. The “About” page is probably the hardest part of blogging for me. I’ve just never been good at talking about myself (even, and especially, in interviews!). My blog is named “Just a Beach Girl… at Heart” because I truly love all of those warm wonderful things being at the beach encompasses … the ocean air, the warmth of the sun, sand dollars… vacations, relaxation, family time and endless happiness (oh, and cocktails!).

Aside from being a beach girl, I’m also a full-time HR manager. I’ve been married to my very best friend, Joe, for the last 8 years, we have a 4 year old Yorkie named Trouble who is bigger than the average Yorkie (11 lbs; we thought he’d be about 4-7 lbs!), and we live in New England. (Why does a beach girl live in New England? Good question!). I enjoy traveling and being outdoors and I love everything about FOOD! I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking and, of course, eating. If I’m not eating, I’m likely thinking about my next meal. My mom is a great cook and I have always aspired to take after her in the kitchen. I’ve taken a few cooking classes here and there but I am mostly self-taught and am obsessed with cooking shows where I might pick up any tips, tricks or ideas!

Thankfully, my husband loves food just as much as I do because if we’re not trying new restaurants, we’re trying new recipes! Since I started blogging, I’ve been spending an exorbitant amount of time in my kitchen. I do believe in “everything in moderation” so I tend to make whatever I am feeling that day….could be low fat, could be low carb, or it just might be something that’ll make you think you need to workout for the next week. You never know! I hope I’ll inspire you enough to try some of my recipes, and I always welcome comments, tips and suggestions!


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